Funny- Crowded Train

I actually think this picture is pretty cool.  It’s our reflection in the window of the very crowded train that we rode back to Prague.  The funny part of this picture is in the left hand corner above me.  See the guy staring between his arm and his girlfriend’s head?  I was wedged next to my two friends on a seat designed for two people.  I was already quite crowded, but this couple did not care and the girl parked herself on my armrest while they lost themselves in each other’s eyes.

Her gluteus maximus was nuzzled in my waist for most of the journey.  Evidently her mother never taught her to mind other people’s “wa” (personal space).  Although your “wa” contracts in public spaces, particularly in an elevator, it does not disappear completely.  We began a passive aggressive war for that precious space surrounding the armrest.  It took a good bit of persistent elbowing, but eventually I won.  Other than my unwelcome seatmate, I enjoyed people watching for the hour or so we were on the train.  The girl in the top right corner shared a lot of pleasant conversation and laughter with the one in the white top.  They thought the couple was ridiculous as well.