Prague, CZ.  5 November 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!  This week I am going to share some Prague/sky pictures with you.  The sky has been absolutely amazing this month.  Painterly grey clouds, incredibly vivid sunsets, the waxing and waning moon.  I have taken so many pictures of the sky that I could bore you with them.  I’ll try to avoid that.

I’ve come to expect November to be grey with stark branches and a chill in the air.  But this year, November surpassed my expectations and became my favourite month in Prague.  October felt like it was on the verge of winter.  The trees looked like they were skipping red-orange-yellow and going directly to brown.  I had given up hope of drinking in the colours of crisp leaves against the vivid blue.  Then, November happened.  The surprise of what I thought would be a missing season has made it all the better.  Almost every day I have looked out my window, marveled at the bright clouds and thought I must get outside.  So, here’s a picture from one of those walks…