I have only seen the sun rise from my living room two times since moving to Prague.  Once was in May when I put my dear friend Amy in a taxi to send her back to Washington D.C. and the second time was this morning when I got up to go to the airport with my roommate Steph.  I am very sad that she is leaving me to return to her home in Ohio, but I am glad for the good times we had in Prague this year.  I will be less sane without her.

Today’s photograph is from the day of Amy’s departure.  I didn’t realize that I had a clear view of the eastern horizon from my flat.  I was amazed at the orange glow in my living room; this photo doesn’t quite capture its beauty.  I hope that the dawn I saw today signifies a new day for my blog.  Believe me, I have plenty of pictures that I am sitting on and what’s the point of a picture that nobody sees?  And so, I am inspired: Dear Light, wake up this sleepy blogger!